Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog post!

In this post I’ll tell you a little about Myself.. First off my name is Trisha but most people like to call me Trish ❤ I”ve been married to a wonderful Man for the past 5 years and together we have 3 children .. 2 beautiful lil girls and a handsome lil man!

I’m a Stay at home mom & Photographer as well as a Student! I’ve has a passion for photography as far back as I could remember You probably wont ever find me without a camera in hand! I’ve always loved taking pictures of people, chasing my kids around to capture every moment –( ” I have tons of photos”) I love to go and look at old photos from my childhood and relive those precious moments of my life! Some times I see photos of stuff I have long forgotten and so I can’t go on without saying memories fade.. but Photos last a lifetime..or at least for me they do!

how many times have you picked up a photo of someone/ or your self and say “wow how things have changed?” or “gosh i forgot how small my child was?” how much do you cherish those moments?

4 years ago I Found that I couldn’t find anything i was more passionate about then my love of photography & how much I love capturing all those important moments in people’s lives!   I started attending a photography school but then life happened & I could no long attend but that didn’t stop me from taking photos and having a dream.

here I am now 4 years, a husband, and 3 kids later with the same passion I had all along

I have since re-enrolled into school and im currently working on becoming professionally accredited photographer & I have started to work on MY dream ❤

I Have along way to go but I have a great support system and awesome fans! and lots of determination

Thanks you all for following




5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Super Happy for you my friend! U are an Amazing Photographer! May God light the path that you want to follow and guide you thru this journey on becoming the best photographer outhere!. Lots of Luck and Best wishes.

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