Inspired… What does that mean to you..?

For me it used to be looking at photos online on my phone and lots of other places but that was really leading me to be overwhelmed with ideas Blocking my mind from my own creativity I mean I am a crafty person when I really put my mind to it but the internet has taken over & when I first heard Emilee speak About inspiration I was so anxious to attend her first ever 4 hr. Inspired workshop!

with the internet to easy to access whenever we have an idea how often do we just search the web and find ourselves “inspired” and how many times Do we sit down and create something of our own without surfing tons of other people’s ideas? Let me guess… the first part about the web wins right!?

Trying to brand my business I have struggled with being inspired & trying to find something that is just simply ME! And not everything I see online…

Not really sure what we were about to do I drove to Lukas and Suzy VanDyke downtown Studio (which I love by the way) & I attended the inspired workshop

Emilee showed us a few great steps to being inspired and how to use the web as a tool, she challenged us to take out a note book and create a 5-7 one word brain map of one of the items in our bag!

{All attendees received this very cute In-spired swag bag}

I have to admit when I opened my bag up I was so curious what we were going to do with  pipe cleaners 🙂

But Emilee made it so easy to understand and for once, I was about to come up with an idea for a stylized shoot I have been wanting to do and without

A phone or internet I was able to think it up , I was so amazed at how many ideas came from taking a quiet, clear minded moment to sit and think…

I left the workshop confident that I could come up with an idea on my own and I now know the steps to take to create without looking.

I will def. be looking into attending the next workshop

This workshop isn’t just for photographers it’s for any creative person out there, Bloggers, crafters, someone having a party, Mothers or anyone who wants to be creative!!

Seriously you don’t want to miss the next one!

For more information click the link below



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