As Brittany and I walked into the room to meet Amy- hair & make up were being finished and the girls were yelling out a window as they noticed the groom walking in.. The excitement was building up but the one thing that stood out to me was the LOVE and JOY you could feel all over this room.. there was not a thing that could ruin this day I have to say that Amys bridesmaids were the best.. the entire day they were so much fun.. full of smiles and positive words and joyous tears..

how is it possible that i got to document such a huge day for such amazing people with the deepest love for God and their family and friends.. No i mean this truly.. when i met Art and Amy
you could instantly tell these two were best friends.. and there wasnt anyone else in this world for either of them i left this wedding excited that i got to be part of this story thank you Brittanee Taylor for having me as your 2nd shooter! themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0001 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0002 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0003 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0004 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0005 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0006 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0007 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0008 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0009 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0010 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0011 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0012 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0013 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0014 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0015 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0016 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0017 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0018 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0019 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0020 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0021 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0022 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0023 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0024 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0025 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0026 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0027


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