Beautiful San Dimas Family photos!

Meet the Saldivar Family!

vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0030 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0031 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0032 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0033 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0034 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0035 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0036


Vintage- Country stylized Bridal – San Dimas, California Wedding Photographer

I dreamed of doing this shoot for  long time

I wanted Vintage, a touch of country, Rustic outdoor relaxed atmosphere, I wanted cowboy boots and soft colored flowers & lots of DIY …. now that wasn’t to much to ask for was it? lol

being in this photography community I see soooo many stylized shoot that i can only dream of doing myself and I wondered if I could pull it off – just thinking about it felt overwhelming i knew of so many vendors that might have loved to participate but I knew exactly who i wanted to collaboration with because it was VERY important to me that they also had a love for the sames things I do..


I hope you enjoy these photos as much as  we all enjoyed putting this together..


vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0001 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0002 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0003

vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0004 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0005 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0006 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0007 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0008 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0009 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0010 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0011 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0012 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0013 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0014 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0015 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0016 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0017 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0018 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0019 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0020 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0021 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0022

vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0023 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0024 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0025 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0026 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0027 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0028 vintage styled shoot captured by Trisha alonzo_0029





Models Stephanie & Samantha






As Brittany and I walked into the room to meet Amy- hair & make up were being finished and the girls were yelling out a window as they noticed the groom walking in.. The excitement was building up but the one thing that stood out to me was the LOVE and JOY you could feel all over this room.. there was not a thing that could ruin this day I have to say that Amys bridesmaids were the best.. the entire day they were so much fun.. full of smiles and positive words and joyous tears..

how is it possible that i got to document such a huge day for such amazing people with the deepest love for God and their family and friends.. No i mean this truly.. when i met Art and Amy
you could instantly tell these two were best friends.. and there wasnt anyone else in this world for either of them i left this wedding excited that i got to be part of this story thank you Brittanee Taylor for having me as your 2nd shooter! themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0001 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0002 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0003 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0004 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0005 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0006 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0007 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0008 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0009 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0010 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0011 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0012 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0013 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0014 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0015 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0016 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0017 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0018 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0019 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0020 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0021 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0022 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0023 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0024 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0025 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0026 themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0027

Valley Christian Church- Chino Wedding Photographer

Valerie and Andrew had such a beautiful Wedding & there was no doubt that these two were truly madly deeply in love with each other

they had such an awesome detailed D.I.Y wedding filled with mason jars (my fav), flowers and B signs all over the place to represent her new last last

-i’m not even going to lie  I keeping wondering the entire time how long it took her to make all those paper flowers that were all over  .. Awesome job Valerie!

& I wish you two many many happy years together.

keep scrolling for a very short glimpse of their day that I second shot for Sincerely, A. Photography


Valerie & Andrew 
themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0029

themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0028

themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0031themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0032themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0033themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0034themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0030themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0036themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0035

themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0042themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0038themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0039themittenbuilding-redlands-ramirez wedding_0040

Vance & Joanna DeGeneres Wedding {Ojai. CA}

Oh Ojai.. Where do I start? this place was the perfect place for a wedding.. for a vacation or just a get away.. so when i got the Msg from Jenn that she needed a 2nd shooter for her upcoming wedding I was stoked  not only because she is an amazing head shot photographer & she wanted ME to join HER! (you can view her headshot work here..& the  location of this wedding was at the BEAUTIFUL OJAI VALLEY INN.

lake fun 2013_0037

we went right to the Pent house suite and got started…  & the day just got better I got to meet Joanna and she was a Doll!  Joanna was  calm and the room was quite,  being a wedding photographer that is Rare.. usually wedding mornings can be a bit crazy but not this morning..

DeGenereswedding (2) DeGenereswedding (3) DeGenereswedding (4)
DeGenereswedding (5)

DeGenereswedding (6)

DeGenereswedding (7)

the backdrop of the ceremony couldn’t have been better – the sun was out, the sky was blue and the chairs were filled with guest anxiously awaiting for the couple to say I do.. & Joannas best fried sang a song that Vance wrote just before the bride came out the door…
DeGenereswedding (8)

DeGenereswedding (9)

i was honored to have been here helping document this day for them.. they were both so genuinely in love and it showed so much! DeGenereswedding (10) DeGenereswedding (11)

DeGenereswedding (13) DeGenereswedding (14)
DeGenereswedding (15) DeGenereswedding (16)

DeGenereswedding (1)& lastly here is the photo of mine that was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show!  how cool is that..

Ontario, CA Engagement photo session { Carolina & Julio}

First off A big congratulation to Julio & Carolina on their engagement!

Carolina & Julio were such a FUN couple to work with & they were my first couple to ever bring the baby along.. OK well not a baby baby but their dog who is their baby and if i have to say to myself he was pretty well behaved!

I’m not going to lie after chatting with Carolina over the planning process i was getting anxious to shoot this session

the location details sounded awesome and we all know I LOVE great locations!  & to make it even better Carolina mentioned 2 more locations that I had been wanting to shoot at!

lake fun 2013_0010

Carolina’s sister came along to the session and gave us a little history on all 3 locations we went too.. i seriously wish i could bring her along to every session i have! she is like a location, history genius

and I instantly got excited when i heard she is actually a vintage stylist! here is a link to her blog if your interested in checking her out click here
lake fun 2013_0015 lake fun 2013_0016 lake fun 2013_0017

Julio & Carolina were so awesome and up for anything! I so happy I got to do their engagement they were super sweet!
lake fun 2013_0018

hand made details made by the Bride to be Herself!    lake fun 2013_0019

lake fun 2013_0020alicia langano_0037wishing you both a VERY happy life together! & hope our paths cross in the near future!


Engagement Giveaway!

This year I have met so many AMAZING couples & have heard the most amazing love stories and I just cant get enough of it so…

Trisha Alonzo Photography is excited to announce In celebration of an amazing year so far- I’m giving away a FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION!

The giveaway includes:

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Couple must be planning an upcoming wedding. Session date and time will be subject to availability and normally should be booked 30 days prior to preferred dates. Package cannot be exchanged for cash & substitutions are not accepted

alicia langano_0045 alicia langano_0046

Alicia Lagano & Hector Rendon Malibou Lake Mountain Club Wedding – Agoura Hills, California Wedding Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to be a second shooter for –  Shea Anne Portraits   I was super excited to work with her again because we always have a good time working together & what could be more fun then assisting her in shooting this gorgeous wedding of hers!

we headed off to Malibu- The Malibu lake Mountain club to be exact  to document one of the biggest day of Alicia & Hectors Lives – A day I’m sure Alicia long awaited -10 years actually..

Alicia was one of the most laid back brides I have met, then again I think all my brides have been pretty much laid back now that i think about it-    walking into the venue I was taken away by the beautiful light beaming in – the soft colors of Grey and pink that Alicia choose… the details of the candy bar, how she incorporated pearls and rose to represent certain things of their lives. and more importantly that this day didn’t seem way over the top but it REPRESENTED THEIR LOVE – Have i ever mentioned Im in love with love? & Alicia & Hector were genuinely in love and it showed & i was super excited to be documenting this day for them.

some of you might recognize Alicia as she  Plays the Role as Selena on the hit Lifetime series ” The Client List”

Thanks again Shea for giving me the opportunity of assisting you on this beautiful day

alicia langano_0001

the weather was warm,  our backdrop of the mountains and blue skies were perfect. rose petals filled the aisle and some of the most important people in their lives happily filled the seats & Hectors brother stood up officiated the ceremony!! alicia langano_0002 alicia langano_0003 alicia langano_0004 alicia langano_0005

a line in a poem he wrote to her 10 years ago were also part of hectors Vows- ” your feet chose a path and the past was to be with me” & tears filled his eyes as he began to say I do…

alicia langano_0006 alicia langano_0007 alicia langano_0008 alicia langano_0009 alicia langano_0010 alicia langano_0011 alicia langano_0012 alicia langano_0013 alicia langano_0014

alicia langano_0041 alicia langano_0039 alicia langano_0042 alicia langano_0043 alicia langano_0040

Alicia Lagano from the Lifetimes TV show Client List MARRIED! –

 A huge Thank you to Shea Anne Portraits for having me as her 2nd shooter at this gorgeous wedding

Couples Posing–>

In the world of photography- you must always strive to keep learning – some like to read while others like myself like to go out and get hands on with things! it seems like one of the biggest things that comes up is posing ideas…

Posing is such a crucial aspect to photography and so I was super excited that I had the opportunity to be a guest at Sheri Angels posing workshop!

first off let me began by saying that the couple she choose was nothing short of AMAZING


and Sheri is so full of information and ideas I just love picking her brain – Thank you Sheri for offering this workshop i left feeling inspired

(this workshop took place a few months back i forgot what date– i just got around to blogging it)

alicia langano_0019 alicia langano_0020 alicia langano_0021 alicia langano_0022 alicia langano_0023 alicia langano_0024 alicia langano_0025 alicia langano_0026 alicia langano_0027 alicia langano_0028 alicia langano_0029 alicia langano_0030 alicia langano_0031 alicia langano_0032

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