Couples Posing–>

In the world of photography- you must always strive to keep learning – some like to read while others like myself like to go out and get hands on with things! it seems like one of the biggest things that comes up is posing ideas…

Posing is such a crucial aspect to photography and so I was super excited that I had the opportunity to be a guest at Sheri Angels posing workshop!

first off let me began by saying that the couple she choose was nothing short of AMAZING


and Sheri is so full of information and ideas I just love picking her brain – Thank you Sheri for offering this workshop i left feeling inspired

(this workshop took place a few months back i forgot what date– i just got around to blogging it)

alicia langano_0019 alicia langano_0020 alicia langano_0021 alicia langano_0022 alicia langano_0023 alicia langano_0024 alicia langano_0025 alicia langano_0026 alicia langano_0027 alicia langano_0028 alicia langano_0029 alicia langano_0030 alicia langano_0031 alicia langano_0032

to view clearer- sharper Images please click on the image to see full resolution

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Instagram- Trishaalonzophotography


One thought on “Couples Posing–>

  1. Reblogged this on alwayslovetheskinyourein and commented:
    My sister is such an amazing photographer! I swear I’m not just saying it because shes my sister but she has come so far in her carrier and I couldn’t be prouder! She has done photo shoots for actresses and her work was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show ect… Check out her blog and follow her.

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